Footer Builder

In Deep Theme you can create any kind of footer page via Elementor page builder.

When you activate Deep Theme, you can install the plugins that are available within the theme. First, make sure that Deep Core Plugin is Installed and activated.

Then From the WordPress dashboard menu head over to Deep > Footer Builder.

Now go to WP Dashboard > Footer Builder > Add New Footer and what you see resembles a new post, so you should create this footer like a page but a bit different. In the first step, you should check to see if the Elementor Page Builder plugin is active on your website, so you can create a Footer by Footer Builder.

After that, continue like you are creating a page and open your footer by Elementor.

Then and add a section and put your elements in the columns and save it.

Now, go to Deep > Options > Footer > Footer Builder and enable custom footer, and select your footer page. By doing this, what you have created in the footer builder will be your website footer.

The result should be something like this:

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