Import / Export

If you have imported a demo from Deep and have made changes to it in theme options and later on regret those changes or you are happy with them and want to get a backup from them, then you need to visit the Import/Export menu in Theme Options.

Import Options

There are three ways for importing process:

Import from clipboard: Copy the Exported data that you have in your clipboard and click on the import button.

Import from URL: Simply copy the Exported URL in the corresponding field and import.

Upload file: you need to copy all the content of the file in a particular place. If you wish to import content from one of the demos, go to the folder of the demo that you want, in the DummyContent folder, and copy the files from there.

Export Options

To export all the settings that you have set in Theme Options of Deep theme, you can use one of these 3 methods.

Copy to Clipboard: This option will export the data to your clipboard.

Export File: Here you can download the export file in the .json format.

Copy Export URL: With this option you can have the export URL on your clipboard.

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