Gallery Options

When installing plugins in Deep Theme, you can activate Webnus Gallery Plugin, and a new menu will appear in WP Dashboard called Gallery.

1. First, you need to create your gallery items using the Webnus gallery plugin. It is also possible to create categories and categorize items.

2. We have included The Grid plugin in Deep Theme, and you need to have it installed in order to use the gallery. After installing and activating this plugin, open it in the backend, and in the Source tab select Post type.

3. Then scroll down and set the Gallery post type.

4. You can also filter by categories in the Category Filter section.

5. Now using The Grid plugin you can personalize and design your gallery. For more information on how to set up The Grid plugin please take a look at this article.

Finally, you can include this Gallery to your elementor page using the Webnus the grid element.

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