Auto Update

WARNING: The update process will affect all the files and folders included in the main theme directory. Any changes you have made will be lost. However, the changes you have made in Theme Options will be preserved.

It is strongly recommended, before getting started, to get a back-up of your database and website files. This way if any issues occur, you can restore your website.


  • Using Auto Update:
    1. Install and activate the Deep theme.
    2. It will need a Webnus License, which you can find under download tab after logging in to

    3. Copy the license key and enter it in the Deep Theme dashboard. Remember to select the corresponding license type.

    4. After that, you can go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Updates and if you have any updates available you can update the theme with one click.

    5. Now select the item you want to update (in this case Deep) and click Update Theme.
    6. Now, you will have the new version of Deep Theme; like the example in the image below:


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