Webnus Plugins

We have included 6 exclusive plugins in Deep Theme which are created by Webnus and are not available in WordPress repository. Here they are:

1. Webnus Portfolio

Collect all your work in one place and present them to your users by using Webnus Portfolio. Together with The Grid, you can create galleries of your work and projects. Also, by enabling Page Builder in this plugin, you can build your single portfolios just as you were imagining them last night. Here’s a sample to get you pumped:
Portfolio Demo

2. Webnus Gallery

Webnus Gallery helps you create a professional gallery, and there is no limit baby! If you use The Grid along with it, you will have even more options for creating any kind of gallery there is. Here’s a sample to get you pumped:
Photo Gallery Demo

3. Webnus Prayer Wall

If you have a church and a website we have just the thing for you. Here’s a sample:
Prayer Wall Page

4. Webnus Causes

With Webnus Causes you can easily create a charity page and be helpful in building a better soceity or help those in need. Check the link below for a sample page:

5. Webnus Sermons

It doesn’t matter whether you attend one or give one. You can create a page for the your sermons and help other people get to know your amazing community. Here’s a page we created with Webnus Sermons:


6. Webnus Recipes

A telltale sign of a good chef is having their own recipes. These might be totally new or tweaked versions of other recipes. Whatever the case with our Webnus Recipes you can create an amazing cooking and learning experience for your users. Just check out this page:


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