To change typography options, please head over to WordPress Dashboard > Deep > Theme Options > Typography.


  1. Body Typography: By using this option and selecting your preferred font, all the theme tag fonts will change to your selected font because the tags are inherited.
  2. Paragraph Typography: Assigning global style for to all the P tags.
  3. Headings Typography: Changing h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 , h6 tags styles.
  4. Menu Typography: Changing header menu tags styles.
  5. Blog Typography: Applying custom fonts and styles to blog and posts.
  6. Custom Fonts: This option enables you to use your custom font file.
  7. Adobe Typekit:  You can also use Adobe Typekit by following below instructions.
How to purchase and use Typekit fonts:

1. Go to this address https://typekit.com/fonts,
2. Click on “create new kit”

3. A window will open, insert your name and domain(s)*


4. You must copy only “Typekit Kid ID” as shown in the green field


5. Go to “Theme Options > Typography” in your WordPress admin panel and then copy the ID in “Typekit Kit Id” field


6. Copy your desired font names from www.typekit.com/fonts/ and paste them in “Typekit Font Family” 


7 . And finally go to “Select Font” and select your fonts. 

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