King Composer



Generally, King Composer is similar to WPBakery Page Builder.

King Composer


There are two modes, Live Preview and Back-End Editor. You can use the page builder live.



KC (King Composer) is a strong and fast plugin. With a little knowledge of WPBakery Page Builder you can use KC smoothly.


By clicking box 1, you can create a row and row columns at the same time. After adding a row, you can also change the columns. Box 2 addresses this. If the default columns are not properly set, you can set them manually based on the 12-column structure. Why 12 you ask? Because Deep uses a 12-column structure.


If you want to have a row as 2-column, 4-column, 4-column, 2-column do as follows:

2/12 + 4/12 + 4/12 + 2/12

Which can be rewritten as:

1/6 + 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/6

You can also right click on the shortcode or row and copy, paste, edit, or delete.


A nice thing that KC does for you is saving the items that you delete from the page builder in case you make mistakes or just want to go back. But, like most things in life, there is a limit, you can only restore the last 10 items that you deleted.



Press Ctrl + S in KC to save and clear the cache for the page. Did I mention that KC has a cache clearing system?



When working with Live Preview Editor you can simultaneously check the responsive mode.


If you want to have the full experience of KC, you need to buy the PRO version. Check out the link below:


King Composer


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