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Importing Hotella Demo (Images are from Vienna demo)

In this article, we present a full guide for using Hotella demo. After reading this article you will be able to customize this demo based on your needs and personalize your website.
After installing WordPress and activating Deep, please make sure that all of the related plugins are installed correctly.

WP Hotel Booking (main plugin):
WP Hotel Booking WooCommerce:
WP Hotel Booking Coupon:
WP Hotel Booking Room:
WP Hotel Booking Report:
WP Hotel Booking Block Room:
WP Hotel Booking Stripe Payment:
WP Hotel Booking WPML Support:

After you have made sure that you have installed all the needed plugins, click on Import and wait for it to complete. When everything turned green, it means that import is successfully finished.

Documents for building a website for hotel and booking

WP Hotel Booking is a plugin available on Deep which has all the features for building a website for a hotel and booking rooms, but you may need even more . Therefore, we provided some of the most useful add-ons:
When you activate this plugin, two items will be added to your WordPress dashboard. “Rooms” for room’s configurations and “WP Hotel Booking” for booking configurations.
We will explain these Add-ons at the end of this article.

Room Menu

By clicking on “Add New Room” you can create a new room and add name and description to it. Also, you have to pick a featured image for every room. There are settings for every single room in back-end which you can access in “Room Settings”.

In “Regular Price” section you can add a price for a room per day. Above that, there is “Gallery Setting”, with which you can add more images from the room.

Add a new item for the gallery and add weekly prices in the boxes.
Room Setting (1) refers to the number of rooms in a suit and it could vary between zero to any possible number.
You can choose the number of adult residence in number 2, but it won’t be available for the first time, so you have to go to the following path (as is shown in the image) and add the capacity feature to the room. Then adding the number of residences should be available to you.
The Capacity column refers to the number of residence and Ordering refers to the maximum possibilities for booking the room. You have to specify them so that it is shown in the reservation form.

Dashboard > Rooms > Room Capacities

In item number 3, enter the maximum capacity of children (it’s not needed to go to any path, just enter the number here from 0 to any possible number)
In item number 4, there are some more information and features about the room which are shown next to the gallery in front-end.
And in item number 5. there are extra packages for the room which could include the extra price for Wi-Fi, bath, or even a special line. You can add these items from the following path:

Dashboard > WP Hotel booking >Extra Option > Add New Extra Room.

Choose a name and select a price for it. Also, you can add an icon.
Let’s get back to step 5. Save the page and packages will be available. Now you can select a room and pick packages for it.

Alternate Prices in Pricing Plan

After adding you rooms, you can put specific prices for a specific period of time for them. You can access this feature in the following path:
Dashboard > WP Hotel Booking > Pricing Plan
After selecting the room and range of date for it you can then add different prices for different dates so if a user book a room on those dates, he/she will see different prices.


If you want to make some discount coupons, you have to use WP Hotel Booking Coupon plugin.

Block Booking

If you don’t want to make your rooms available on specific days, you have to install WP Hotel Booking Block Room on your website and block the date in the following path:
Dashboard >WP Hotel Booking > Block Special Date.
All you need to do is to select the days and rooms on the calendar. (Hold CTRL and select the rooms)

Main Settings

Using this article, you can adjust general settings like pages, currency, and settings like this.
You can access Hotel info, email settings and check out there.


WP Hotel Booking Report plugin is used for reports. You can see the new submenu by installing that.


1. If you are using WooCommerce for payments, you have to install required plugins.
2. If you choose WooCommerce for payments, you should not use other payment methods of this plugin.
3. You can use PayPal instead of WooCommerce. For using Authorize Payment or Strip, you have to install their plugins.
4. Keep in mind that no payments can take place in Offline Payment, but booking will be done. So, turn this option off and just use it during tests.
5. Request your payment API KEY from payment services.


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