Content Slider Shortcode

To build an in-page slider, you can use the Content Slider element.

Here is how to use this element:

1. Go to the page you have created with Elementor page builder and from the left side add the Content Slider element to your page.

2. Now you will see the element’s settings and options. It contains four tabs:

  • Content:
      • Items: You need to create the items of the slider. You can set a title for each item or set backgrounds for them here and etc… In the end, you can select the Elementor template you want to be the content of each item. So first you need to design your slider slides in Elementor > Templates and assign them here for each item.

      • Class: Here you can set a custom CSS class.

  • Settings:
    • General: General settings like Autoplay and Full-width slider are in this tab.
    • Arrows: You can adjust your slider arrows here. Select the type you want and position and arrows color to match your design.
    • Bullets: Here you can adjust your slider bullets type.
    • Numbers: If you want to have the slides number on your slider choose a position for it and set the background color and etc…
  • Style: You can set the slider box styles here. Like the other Deep elements, you have many options to design your slider as you want. You can also use custom CSS codes.
  • Advanced: Default Elementor advanced options can be found in this tab.

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