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Weather Module Settings

By using the Weather Module in Modern Events Calendar, you can display the current weather situations of the location of your event to your visitors.


Modern Events Calendar Weather Module Options

Note: Weather module is only available in MEC Pro version.

In order to enable this module, your need to go to MEC Settings > Modules > Weather and check the “Show weather module on event page” option.

After that, you need to get an API key from one of the following two providers: API Key

This website is totally free to use and you can get your API at this link. API Key

There is another website that you can use their API key to show the weather situation to your users. The only problem is that they’re not accepting any new users right now.

For the old users of this website that have already received their API keys:

  • You need to setup a location for your event that has latitude and longitude (refer to this documentation)


Show weather imperial units

By enabling this option, weather units will be displayed in Imperial system.


Show weather change units button

If you want your users to be able to change the units of the weather module, enable this option.

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hshah May 19, 2020
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How is this going to work now that DarkSky have stopped new registrations for their API?