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Tickets and Taxes / Fees

Tickets and Taxes / Fees for events can be set for each individual program in the MEC plugin on an event website. And you can manage all the programs accordingly based on the expenses.


Click on the “Add Ticket” button and create tickets as much as you need (ticket name, description, price, number of available tickets).

For example, a VIP ticket can be $580 and a regular ticket only $80.

Note 1: If the Event Cost field is empty and the event doesn’t have any paid tickets, the event price will be set to free.


Note 2: There is an email verification for both free and paid bookings.

Note 3: You need to enable Taxes / Fees from MEC Settings. In order to do that, you should go to MEC Settings > Booking > Taxes / Fees and check its option.

1- This ID can be used in the booking shortcode. You can insert ticket-id=”x” if you like to show only one of the available tickets in the booking module. Instead of x, you should insert the ticket ID. This parameter is optional.

2- Fill out the ticket name here.

3- Fill out the start and end time of a ticket here (this time applies to emails)

5- Fill out a description of this ticket (if any)

6- Fill out a private description of this ticket (if any)

7- Fill out ticket cost (Please enter only the price number without any symbols or characters.) Check our currency settings of Modern Events Calendar.

8- Set a label for your ticket.

9- Specify the number of available tickets. for example, if you set this to 50, users can book 50 tickets per occurrences.

10- If the reservation is not limited, check this box and ignore “No. 9”.

11- The minimum/maximum ticket a user can buy.

Event Details - Minimum Tickets
Event Details - Maximum Tickets

12- You can set the time to stop the reservation on this ticket. This can be based on the day or hour that is set before the event starts.

13- Early Bird Events (Price Per Date): Generally speaking, when you create a new event, it can be seen in the single event back-end.

This feature is named “Per Date”. If you want to announce a period of time in which you want a different price for the ticket, you need to add a “Price Per Date”. You can set the price label and in order to add more details click on Add or Remove to edit the details.

  • For example: If you want to sell $100 tickets $50 between 24 July and 31 July, you need to adjust the ticket settings like the following sample:

Normal Price:

Booking Time:

Price Per Date:

14- You can uncheck “Inherit from global options” and then set the Ticket Variation for the ticket. First, check the “Enable variations per ticket” in MEC Settings > Booking > Ticket Variations & Options. Then use it on the tickets.

Ticket variation can be used for anything additional to your event. It can be a dinner for a one-day festival, or music performance, or even drinks as the sidelines of an event. Click here to read more about ticket variations in Modern Events Calendar.

Book All Occurrences

Book All Occurrences

This feature enables you to sell all the tickets of an event as a whole package.

For example, if the event has 5 occurrences, you can sell all 5 occurrences with one ticket using this option.
You can see the date of each occurrence in the booking form, but it is not possible to select each occurrence separately (The date picker for occurrences is no longer available) and all occurrences are provided to the attendee with one ticket.

You can set the Total booking limit, Discount Per User Roles, etc… here. For more information please click here.

Read this link to know how to book and confirm your reservation on MEC and send notification emails on MEC.

Note 1: If you want to stop the occurrences of your event in the skins, enable the “Show only one occurrence of this event” option in settings. 

Note 2: Using the Price Per Date feature you can make it so users can book tickets with a different price, determined by you, during a window specified by you. This is especially useful when people book a ticket in the middle of an ongoing event.

Note 3: For presenting reserve invoices and the check-in process, you can use the Ticket and Invoices addon.

Ticket Price Calculation

The price of the tickets is calculated first then the discount is calculated and taxes and fees after that. (added in ver 5.3.5  28 April 2020)

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bigredseo November 4, 2020
| |

Using the option to allow users to register for all future recurring events (Sell all occurrences by one booking), is it possible to also allow a single use ticket for 1 of the specific tickets?
Using the Yoga Class as an example. We want the members to book for all future recurring Yoga Classes, however we also want to allow a guest to come visit for one of the classes 2 weeks from now.
Without creating a separate event for guests, is there a way to allow two levels of registration on a single event?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
johnstoc13 July 27, 2020
| |

Hi, is there any way to change the word “ticket” throughout the plugin? (As in, I would like the popups during the checkout process to say “Available Spots: 10) I have had success changing the text with javascript, but now I realize that it removes the containing the ’10’. So it shows up “Available Spots: “.  Furthermore, I realize after looking through the code that the word ‘tickets’ is used many other places.   Thanks for any help you can offer!!

Avatar for Doris Cooper
emmaraeharris March 22, 2020
| |

Hi there, I have a question about Tickets/Booking and the Register Button on single event pages. I’ve followed the videos and documentation, yet no Register Button shows up on the single event pages. What’s up? I’ve purchased PRO.
Please help.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
dennis January 4, 2020
| |

Hi, I have a question about the Start and End Time.
The documentation says:
Note: The option to set the “Start Time” and “End Time” has been added to the tickets. Using this option, you can set a particular time for the users in the tickets for each event.
What does “you can set a particular time for the users in the tickets for each event” mean? What is the effect of setting a time in these field? I don’t understand the sentence. Or…why would I want to set a time, when creating a ticket.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Teresa May 29, 2019
| |

Assign or insert Taxes / Fees before using fee or tax, please check out this image. you should enable fee/tax for single events:
Note: The option to set the “Start Time” and “End Time” has been added to the tickets. Using this option, you can set a particular time for the users in the tickets for each event. What does this mean??