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  • Booking Form

    We have explained how to build MEC forms in general. Now, if you feel like one of your events needs…

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  • Related Events Settings

    Related Events Settings

    Related Events feature helps out your website users to easily find all the events and opted the best and the most relevant one.

  • New Event Notification Settings

    New Event Notification Settings

    When a new event is sent from frontend submission form, an email containing this information is sent to the website’s admin.

  • Booking Reminder Notification Settings

    Booking Reminder Notification Settings

    A reminder for the event that has been reserved by the end user.

  • Admin Notification Settings

    Admin Notification Settings

    From here, after the end user has made reservations, an email will be sent to the website’s admin.

  • Booking Cancellation Notification Settings

    Booking Cancellation Notification Settings

    If you have already sent the tag for cancellation link and the user has clicked on that to cancel a booking, this email will be sent after cancellation has completed successfully.

  • Booking Notification Settings

    Booking Notification Settings

    This email is sent when the end user makes reservation.In order to manage this section you need to use the tags that are provided at the end of each section; you can send a cc of this email to the organizer as well.

  • Search Bar Settings

    Search Bar Settings

    This feature allows the user to search through different events. For example, the Search Bar can be placed on the Homepage, and this way, the feature is added to your Homepage so that users can search for the different events there.

  • Payment Gateways Settings

    Payment Gateways Settings

    You need to have your Booking enabled from MEC Settings before you can choose a payment gateway. After enabling the Booking Module, a new item will be added to MEC Settings, named “Payment Gateway,” and as you can see in the image below, you can set any of the options in this menu for your ticket reservation.

  • Ticket Variations & Options Settings

    Ticket Variations & Options Settings

    This option enables the users to choose more items and include them in their reservation while booking an event.

  • Speakers Module Settings

    Speakers Module Settings

    This option enables you to add “Speakers Specifications” for the event, and provide their contact information for the audience. In order to use this feature go to M.E.Calendar > Speaker and create a new speaker.

  • Translate MEC to Other Languages

    Translate MEC to Other Languages

    There are two major methods to translate MEC to other languages rather than English. These methods can be used to…

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  • MEC Single Sidebar

    MEC Single Sidebar

    There are certain options, such as Speaker, that need to be first enabled from MEC Settings. In MEC Single Events Sidebar, drag the items you want to MEC Single Sidebar.

  • All Date Formats

    All Date Formats

    Here’s a list of the characters you can use to display the date format you want:

  • Booking Form Settings

    Booking Form Settings

    Build your booking registration form here (This form will be used for all attendees).

  • Messages Settings

    Messages Settings

    You can change some of MEC messages here. For example if you like to change the label for the Register button, you can do it here. By the Way, if your website is multilingual, we recommend you change the messages/phrases from language files.

  • Notifications Settings Overview

    Notifications Settings Overview

    You can edit your messages in there.

  • Coupons Settings

    Coupons Settings

    By enabling this option in M.E. Calendar settings, a “Coupons” menu would be added in WordPress Dashboard > Booking with which you can add coupons and display them in the single event.

  • Booking Settings

    Booking Settings

    By enabling booking module service, Modern Event Calendar will be able to handle ticket services. Using the registration form you can easily build up your own form to get the information you need before processing payments.

  • Exceptional Days Settings

    Exceptional Days Settings

    You can enable and add this option to your Add/Edit Events page from Settings > Single > Exceptional days.

  • Social Networks Module Settings

    Social Networks Module Settings

    You can easily enable the social platforms’ icons from MEC > Settings > Modules > Social. You can choose any icon to be displayed on your single event page. Using these icon your users can share your events anywhere they want.

  • Countdown Settings

    Countdown Settings

    1. Shows Event Countdown in event single page. 2. You can change the Countdown style.

  • Local Time Module Settings

    Local Time Module Settings

    You can display the event time in the local time of your users.

  • Google reCAPTCHA Settings

    Google reCAPTCHA Settings

    Easily setup your captcha and security on MEC using Google Captcha.

  • Map Module Settings

    Map Module Settings

    Modern Events Calendar is integrated with Google Maps and helps you show your event location on a map.

  • Currency Settings

    Currency Settings

    You can change the currency for your event’s cost plus its appearance here. Setup your event calendar currency options below:

  • Single Event Page Settings

    Single Event Page Settings

    1. In single event page, you can change the date format. For more information please refer to All Date Formats.

  • Slugs/Permalinks Settings

    Slugs/Permalinks Settings

    Setup slug for the categories and main events:

  • Archive Pages

    Archive Pages

    This feature is useful for SEO, categorizing, and indexing for search engines. Not to mention sorting out your events.

  • General Settings

    General Settings

    This feature is useful for SEO, categorizing, and indexing for search engines. Not to mention sorting out your events.

  • Settings Overview

    Settings Overview

    Modern Events Calendar covers a comprehensive set of options that can help you build up a perfect calendar:

  • Organizer / Additional Organizers

    Organizer / Additional Organizers

    Organizer feature is the same as location; if your event has a specific organizer then you can easily set it up. But, you can also add multiple organizers:

  • Location / Additional Locations

    Location / Additional Locations

    Location section is very simple and easy to use. Here we will explain how to add a location and use it multiple times for different events.

  • Labels


    Label is like a badge and is set to your event when you want to inform your participants of any news on the event (e.g. event is canceled). Also, you can add a description to your label edit page and it will be displayed in the MEC single sidebar.

  • Categories


    Categories are meant for general grouping of your events just like posts. It is used to sort and group content into different sections. Think of them as general topics or the table of contents for your site.

  • Tags


    Tags are basically keywords for each page/article you create. Tags are intended to be words or very short two or three-word phrases.

  • Tickets and Taxes / Fees

    Tickets and Taxes / Fees

    Tickets: Click on the “add” button and create tickets (ticket name, description, price, number of available tickets). For example, a VIP ticket can be 580$ and a regular ticket only 80$.

  • Total Booking and User Limits

    Total Booking and User Limits

    This option enables you to set a total limit for your tickets. Let’s make it clearer by an example. You can set an event and then set two types of tickets for it, a VIP and a Regular ticket.

  • Hourly Schedule

    Hourly Schedule

    If an event is comprised of different sections, you can explain what will be going on in the event using an hourly schedule.

  • Date And Time / Event Repeating

    Date And Time / Event Repeating

    Set a start date and an end date time for an event: You can set start and end date time in there.

  • How to Add Event In MEC Plugin?

    How to Add Event In MEC Plugin?

    Alright it’s time to create an event. To add an event, go to WordPress menu and navigate to M.E. Calendar > Add Event.