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Social Poster Addon

Social Auto Poster is one of the recent addons that we have produced for MEC. with this addon you can automatically post events that you have published in MEC on your social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup, and Instagram.

The addon has numerous features that enable you to add and edit your events to your social media. Below we will examine its features one by one, so stay tuned.

To install the addon please follow this guide. After installation and activation, a new option called Social Poster will be added to MEC’s menu. Once you click on it, you will see this page:

On this page, we enter the data for the social platforms that we want to be connected to MEC automatically, in their tabs respectively. Then we select the type of account. Now let’s go through them one by one.


To connect Facebook to Social Auto Poster, first, we need to create a Facebook app. Please visit this page and login to your Facebook account and then click on Create App.

On the next window click on “Other”.

 A window opens up, asking you to select an app type. Since Facebook frequently makes visual changes to its development area some of the screenshots shown here might not resemble what you’re viewing on your screen but fear not, all you need to do is to find the None item or an option with the message “Create an app with combinations of consumer and business permissions and products” (something to that effect) and click on Continue:

Fill in the form and click on “Create App”.

On this product page, setup and configure the “Facebook Login” Product (same for both Facebook and Instagram).

Now, select the web platform and enter your website address. Then save and click on “Continue”.

Through the steps 2 to 5 just click Next.

Afterwards, from the Facebook Login submenu on the left sidebar click on “Settings”.

Go back to your website and copy your redirect address under M.E Calendar > Social Poster > Facebook.

Then in the “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” section enter that address and save changes.

Now, click on Settings > Basic on the left sidebar menu and enter your website address in the “App Domains” and click on “Save Changes”.

Finally, from your Facebook page go to the “Pages” section and create a new page.

In the new FaceBook page that you’ve created, go to About and scroll down. At the bottom, you’ll see a section that has the page ID.

Copy the page ID and follow these steps.

Go back to your website again and go to  M.E Calendar > Social Poster > Facebook.

1- Account Status

Here you can activate your Facebook account.

2- Account Title:

Here enter a name of your choosing.

3- FaceBook App ID*:

Here, copy the App ID from Settings > Basic menu in the Facebook Developer page that we showed before and paste it into this field.

4- Facebook App Secret*:

Here, copy the App Secret from the same place as before and paste it into this field.

5- Facebook Account ID **:

In the new Facebook page that you’ve created scroll down to the About section and copy and paste the page ID in this field.

6- Categories:

If you wish to filter posts that are posted to this account based on category use this field.

7- Organizers:

If you wish to filter posts that are posted to this account based on the organizer use this field.

8- Speakers:

If you wish to filter posts that are posted to this account based on the speaker use this field.

9- Locations:

If you wish to filter posts that are posted to this account based on location use this field.

Finally, click on Save and you will see that your account has been added to the bottom of the page.

Now go to the General tab and from the Account menu select the Facebook API that we’ve created.

In the Default Schedules section, we can determine whether our events get posted on social media as soon as they are published on the website or after a specific period.

Also, on the Single Event page, we have added a new tab called Social Poster where you can activate the settings.


To set up Social Poster for Instagram you simply have to link your Instagram Business Account to the Facebook Page.
How to connect Facebook to Instagram.


Note: right now it’s not possible to show event images on Twitter.

To post your events on Twitter, first, you need to create a developer account on Twitter and then create a project to connect your website to Twitter’s API. Let’s see how.

To create a Twitter developer account, first login to your account and then go to this address and click on Sign Up.

Fill in the form to create your account.

You will receive a confirmation email that you need to verify.

Once the developer account is created, go to your dashboard and click on Create Project.

Next, select Building Tools for Business and click on Next. In the third step, if needed, you can enter a project description.

Here, we have to create an app. So enter a name for the app on the new page and click Next.

Now we have the info we need.

From the menu to the left, click on the app you’ve just created, and from User Authentication Settings click on Setup.

Here activate OAuth 2.0 and set the Type of App on the web. Enter the info for website redirection and save.

To enter your website redirection info go to  M.E.Calendar > Social Poster > setting > Twitter.

Copy the data and go to your website to M.E. Calendar > Social Poster > Settings and fill in the empty fields.

We will see the Twitter account added to the bottom.


To enable Social Auto Poster for Linkedin, you need a LinkedIn account and a Business Page connected to your personal account. To create a Business page, please see this article.

To begin, go to the LinkedIn Developer page and click on Create App.

Fill out the form and click on Create App.

Here we have to create two products:

1- Share on Linkedin

2- Sign in with Linkedin

After selecting the products, as you can see in the image, they will be added to the Products section.

Then you have to go to the Settings tab and verify the Linkedin page.

Then go to Auth tab and copy the redirect address from your website from  M.E.Calendar > Social Poster > Settings > Linkedin and paste it into Authorized redirect URLs for your app.

Finally, go to  M.E.Calendar > Social Poster > Settings > Linkedin and enter the API data that we received on this page.

Now click on Needs authentication to complete the verification.


To enable Social Poster for Meetup you need a Meetup account. After creating an account, to create a new app go to this link and click on OAuth Clients.

After that, go to this address and click on Create a New Client.

Next, fill in the info to create a new client.

Note: to get Redirect URL go to your website and  M.E.Calendar > Social Poster > Settings > Meetup.

Note: From your website, navigate to website M.E.Calendar > Social Poster > Settings > Meetup and copy the redirect address.

Once the form is completed, you need to wait for API verification by Meetup.

Next, create a group in Meetup and get the group’s slug from the address after approval.

For example, if the group address is this:

Then the slug would be this: mec-wordpress-plugins-group

Finally, after getting the Secret Key and API Key, go to your website to M.E.Calendar > Social Poster > Settings > Meetup and add a Meetup account and verify.

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