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Partial Payment

This MEC feature is a payment option that allows you to ask for a portion of the total price in an initial payment and decide how to get the rest of the money later on. For example, you can receive 20 percent of the total price online and get the rest in cash or using other payment methods.

In order to use this feature you need to first make sure that you have installed MEC 6.8.0 or higher versions. After that you can enable Partial Payment from the following menu:

MEC Settings > Payment Gateways > Accept partial payment

The following options will appear after you have enabled the feature:

The initial payment or “Payable”

MEC offers 2 methods to dictate the initial payment. You can either:

  1. require customers to pay a fixed price or 
  2. pay for a percentage of the total amount due.

Ability to edit payable options per event:

his feature allows you to dictate “payable” in each event separately without affecting the settings in other events.

After enabling this feature you can go to Booking > Booking Options and access Partial Payment for each event separately.

Now that we are done with the basic settings, let’s take a look at this feature by giving an example:

Here we want to charge our customers for 25 percent of the total price online using the Partial Payment feature and get the rest in cash.

This is how we should set Partial Payment:

Now let’s create a ticket and set the price.

After you have saved the settings it’s time to book the ticket and test the feature:

As you can see the total price and Payable are displayed correctly. Now let’s go ahead and pay for the ticket online:

Once again, as you can see, the price we should pay initially is exactly the 25 percent we set for Partial Payment.

Let’s now set the Partial Payment by selecting the fixed amount option. Here’s how to do that:

With the settings mentioned you can now require your customers to pay a fixed price as Partial Payment.

You can see the same settings in the following screenshot as well:

If you would also like to learn how to change currency on MEC please read the following article

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