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Organizer / Additional Organizers

If your event has a specific organizer then you can easily set it up through this option. You can also add multiple organizers:

How to Add Organizer to An Event in MEC?

First, you need to enable the additional organizer option by going to MEC Settings > Single Event > Additional Organizers:

Then, you need to follow the steps below in order to add an organizer:

1- Insert your organizer name in this field.

2- Fill out your organizer slug (permalink) here.

3- Description for organizer: To enable this option in the event you need to enable MEC Settings> Single Event > Organizer Description on the single event settings. You can also navigate to the additional organizer tab to enable this item for additional organizers.

4- Put your organizer’s phone number in this field.

5- Fill out organizer’s email.

6- Organizer’s page URL(which you can create separately) or any other link.

7- Organizer’s Page Label or any other text

8– Organizer’s Facebook page URL

9 – Organizer’s Instagram page URL

10– Organizer’s LinkedIn URL

11– Organizer’s Twitter page URL

12– Upload the organizer image.

Follow the below instruction to assign your organizer to your event:

  1. To set an Organizer in a single event, navigate to the Organizer tab and set up an Organizer for your event from the list.
  2. You can choose in the same way for the additional organizers.
  3. You can also create an Organizer with the information above for “Event Main Organizer”
  4. Front-end Event Submission works like the same way above.
  5. This is also how it is displayed on the events.
  6. You can also sort the organizers in this section.

Or to insert a new one:

You can change the ordering of the additional organizers list with drag and drop.

Organizers section in the single event page should look like this:

Additional Organizers

You can insert your additional organizers by going to Single Event Edit Page > Event Details > Organizers > Other Organizers.

Your additional organizers will be shown as following in your single event page:

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Avatar for Doris Cooper
Avatar for Doris Cooper
James Lee August 25, 2022
| |

Hello, is there a way to change the display so that instead of “organizer” the event page says something else? For example, “convener” or “staff contact”? Thanks in advance!

Avatar for Doris Cooper
bodhi1970 January 30, 2021
| |

Is it somehow possible, or can you add that feature, so that existing WP-users can also easily be selected as organizers?
I am using ARMembers to create amazing members profiles but I always have to create a new organizer manually in MEC.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
victorycoast September 3, 2020
| |

is it possible to display the organizers in the main content area under the event description? it is such a beautiful plugin, the organizer + description and 2nd organizer makes the sidebar so much longer than the content area, it looks unprofessional.