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Map Module Settings

Map module in Modern Events Calendar is set for facile integration with Google Maps. Once Modern Events Calendar is integrated with it, it will show your event location on a map.

Modern Events Calendar Map Module Options

Note: Map module is only available in MEC Pro version.

This module needs an API key to interact with Google Maps API and fetch your requested map.

In order to activate and configure this module, you need to go to MEC Settings > Modules > Map and check the “Show Map on event page” option.

Google Maps API Key

Follow the steps explained in this article in order to receive your Google Maps API key.

  • Note 1: You need to enable “Maps JavaScript API” from Google API Library.
  • Note 2: You can enable more APIs from Google API Library for e.g. Place API, Direction API, Geocoding API, Google Calendar, etc. (All in One API)
  • Note 3: If you want to use the OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps, you need to purchase and use our Advanced Map addon.
  • Note 4: To use GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude), first you need to enable Google Maps Geocoding API for your API Key and to add GPS coordinates, you can use

You can also use an Address to find it automatically in Google Maps (it works just for enabled Google Maps API):

Zoom level

You can change the zoom level of you map using this option.

Google Maps Style

Set a style for your map on a to be shown on the single event page. You can find the previews of these styles in this link.

Direction on single event

There are two different styles for showing your exact location on the map.

  • Simple Method
  • Advanced Method

Lightbox Date Format

Using this field, you can define the date format of your lightbox.

Don’t load Google Maps API library

By activating this option, Google Maps API library won’t be loaded in your website anymore (this might cause some issues while loading the map).

Fullscreen Button

If you want to have a fullscreen button on your map, you can enable this option.

How to resolve the issue of Google Maps not showing Up In The MEC Plugin Events?

Maybe this error can have several reasons.

1- Check to see if you have put the Google Map in MEC and the setting or anywhere else.

2- Make sure that you don’t have another Google api key in the plugins, your theme or anywhere else, please note, every site should have only one Google api key. It means, if you have put the code in your Google Map api key of your theme, you don’t need to put it in the setting, MEC or the plugins.

Note: If you activate Google API on your WordPress plugin or theme by checking this box, MEC will not load API again.

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Avatar for Doris Cooper
Avatar for Doris Cooper
Avatar for Doris Cooper
Avatar for Doris Cooper
aktionerapp June 10, 2020
| |

Hi there,
I’ve managed to get the maps working on single events pages fine. But the maps are not loading when writing in a new location, no dropdown of suggested addresses appears. It says, maps cannot load. Help please.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Dguin March 13, 2020
| |

This Google maps doesn’t really work in the Lite- free version even after putting the lat long as there is no option of putting the Google maps API. what use of lat long? Isn’t it a basic function present in all other free plugin version.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Dguin March 13, 2020
| |

The Google Maps module doesn’t appear in the Documentation as mentioned everywhere. That is the minimum I believe should be there.   I have used Google login API also in the site. Does it conflict with Google maps API. But that’s not happening with other events plugin.   Please help..

Avatar for Doris Cooper February 18, 2020
| |

Hi! I have set different locations on an event but then the Event Map Widget doesn´t show up the 3 locations. Is it normal this behaviour?