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Family Tickets

MEC’s ​​new feature called Family Tickets allows event organizers to define and sell tickets for a family or group. Suppose you have an event and you want to provide your customers with the possibility of booking Family tickets separately, as well as the possibility of booking for individuals. In this case, this option will help you.

To activate this feature in your MEC, go to MEC Settings > Booking and activate the Family Tickets option.

By activating this option, a field will appear in the Tickets section of the Single event edit page where you can specify the number of family members or Number of seats. Every time this ticket is booked, the number of family members will be deducted from the remaining tickets.

Let us explain with an example. Let’s say you have an event where you can accommodate 200 participants and you plan to sell tickets for families of 4 people in addition to selling single tickets. In this case, you need to create 2 tickets for your event. One for a single sale, and one for a 4-member family sale.

First, I set the Total Booking Limit to 200.

Then I create a single ticket according to the previous procedure of creating tickets and set Available tickets to 200.

But now we want to create a family ticket. The only difference is that we need to fill the Number of seat fields according to the number of family members. As you can see in the screenshot below, I want to have tickets for 4-member families, so I set Available tickets to 200 and the number of seats to 4.

Now users can choose between single and family tickets and complete the booking process. As you can see in the screenshot below, the number of family tickets that can be booked is equal to 50. It means 200 divided by 4.

If we book a family ticket, 4 tickets will be deducted from the total number of available tickets. Pay attention to the number of remaining tickets in the screenshot below.

Note: Considering that one ticket is sold by booking family tickets, the number of attendees registered in the relevant booking will be one person. It is possible to distinguish these tickets from single tickets by using the ticket name

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