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Cron Jobs Doesn’t Work!

We have provided cronjob features in MEC that only work on host. We suggest users to use WP Control plugin if their host supports that.

This does not mean that we recommended it or it is required. So if you have any questions about this plugin, please contact the plugin author.

You need to contact your host provider and ask if they support cron jobs on your host or not! If they don’t, it means cron jobs don’t work on your website, whether with MEC or any other plugin.

Cron job is the feature provided by your host, and in MEC we recommend every user to set Cron jobs on their host.
But sometimes it may not work for some reason, however, one solution is to use the WP – Control plugin, about this plugin, you can read this article: How to View and Control WordPress Cron Jobs 
Please install and activate it (before installation, please get full back up your website).
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The first one please go MEC > Import/Export > Google import/export (at least 1 event) manually from Google Calendar.
By doing this you set the API to g-import / g-export file in MEC.
After that go to MEC > Import/Export > Synchronization and if you want to import / export please follow the images below:
2 by 2 together
Now save the Synchronization page.
Then, go WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Cron Events and find the “mec_syncScheduler
You can edit it and set time for run the Cron
The correct hook Is: mec_syncScheduler
The Correct Action Is: MEC_syncSchedule->sync()
Now when run you can see the events are imported/exported.
Important Note: If you are going to set up Cron Jobs for booking reminder notification, please set it once per hour otherwise it won’t send the reminders. Please note that you should call this file only once per hour otherwise it may send the reminders multiple times.
Please Note: if you didn’t see the above hook name (or action), you should contact your host provider.

If you are going to set up Cron Jobs on your hosts you should contact your hosting provider. different hosts have different commands for their system.

For example, to set a Cron Jobs in cPanel, run the command as described below:

php -q /command/

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