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  • Single Event Page Settings

    Single Event Page Settings

    1. In single event page, you can change the date format. For more information please refer to All Date Formats.

  • Countdown Settings

    Countdown Settings

    1. Shows Event Countdown in event single page. 2. You can change the Countdown style.

  • Exceptional Days Settings

    Exceptional Days Settings

    You can enable and add this option to your Add/Edit Events page from Settings > Single > Exceptional days.

  • Related Events Settings

    Related Events Settings

    Related Events feature helps out your website users to easily find all the events and opted the best and the most relevant one.

  • Custom Fields Settings

    Custom Fields Settings

    Custom Field lets you add custom fields to your Event. There are several different types of Custom Fields that you can use. Text, Email, Url, Date,…

  • Edit Per Occurrences Settings

    Edit Per Occurrences Settings

    by enabling this option you can edit some event information per occurrence.

  • Notifications Per Event Settings

    Notifications Per Event Settings

    you can customize notifications per event on MEC.

  • Only for Bookers Settings

    Only for Bookers Settings

    if you need to show certain content only for booker users, please follow the instructions on this documentation.