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  • Map Module Settings

    Map Module Settings

    Modern Events Calendar is integrated with Google Maps and helps you show your event location on a map.

  • Export Module Settings

    Export Module Settings

    You can use the two most popular calendar applications for exporting events: Google Calendar and iCal. Using this option, your users can easily add your events to their personal calendar.

  • Local Time Module Settings

    Local Time Module Settings

    You can display the event time in the local time of your users.

  • Social Networks Module Settings

    Social Networks Module Settings

    You can easily enable the social platforms’ icons from MEC > Settings > Modules > Social. You can choose any icon to be displayed on your single event page. Using these icon your users can share your events anywhere they want.

  • Next Event Module Settings

    Next Event Module Settings

    When Event Repeat option is enabled for an event, and you want your users to see when exactly is the next time for this particular event. You can simply provide your users with this by enabling Next Event Module.

  • QR Code Module Settings

    QR Code Module Settings

    By reading the QR code using your phone or any other device, you will be directed to the single events page of the current event on your device.

  • Weather Module Settings

    Weather Module Settings

    You can add the Weather Module widget to single events sidebar by enabling it from MEC Settings.

  • Speakers Module Settings

    Speakers Module Settings

    This option enables you to add “Speakers Specifications” for the event, and provide their contact information for the audience. In order to use this feature go to M.E.Calendar > Speaker and create a new speaker.

  • Auto Emails Module Settings

    Auto Emails Module Settings

     By using the Auto Emails module in Modern Events Calendar, you can send automatic emails before or after your events….

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