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Answers to General Questions

Here we have gathered your general questions and answered to them to help you work with MEC easier and faster:


How Do I Add a Calendar to Elementor?

You can create a new shortcode using this guide. Then you need to place the shortcode in Elementor shortcode widget. Using these links you can create a shortcode step by step.


What Is the Best Calendar Plugin For WordPress?

Modern Events Calendar


How Does Modern Events Calendar Pricing Work?

Check this link for more info on this. More settings are explained here step by step. Using these links you can create a ticket step by step and configure them.


Is There a Tutorial for Modern Events Calendar?

Yes. All that you need to manage MEC is explained here. You can use the search option to look for topics.


How to Update Modern Events Calendar?

Read this link for auto-update.

For manual update check this link.


How to Show Past Events in MEC?

Check this link.Using this guide you can create a shortcode and filter it properly to show the events you want.


How to Add Modern Events Calendar in Divi?

Install MEC and go to Archive Page. For more information read this guide. To create the shortcode check this guide.

Place the shortcode in divi widget and use the links above to create a shortcode step by step and place that in Archive Page.


How to Remove Event Colors in MEC?

You simply have to set a color for the event when creating events. See this image. You can also check this link for creating events.

With the help of the link above you can create an event step by step.


What Template Does Modern Events Calendar Use?

In MEC demos we use Deep Pro theme but MEC will work with any theme you might have.


How to Add MEC to Any WordPress Theme?

You need to contact your theme’s support.


How to Use Google Calendar with MEC?

This is fully explained here, step by step.

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