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Admin Notification Settings

Admin Notification in Modern Events Calendar is a practical feature for the manager of an event-based website. Using this feature, after the end-user has made reservations, an email will be sent to the admin of the website.

Modern Events Calendar Admin Notification Options

Note: Admin Notification is only available in the MEC Pro plugin.

In order to activate this notification, you need to go to MEC Settings > Notifications > Admin and check the “Enable admin notification” option.

To manage this section you need to use the tags that are provided at the end of each section.

You can send a CC of this email to the organizer as well.

You can also select users and specific roles to send a copy of the email to.

Other features of this option include the ability to send custom emails and use HTML tags.

Edit Notifications Per Event

You can also customize this notification per each event on the event settings.

What you need to do is to go to MEC Settings > Notifications > Notifications Per Event and check the “Edit Notifications Per Event” option.

Then you need to go to Single Event Edit Page > Event Details > Notification and check the “Modify” option under the Admin Notification title.



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Justin Steunenberg October 30, 2019
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Can you adjust the email that the booking notification goes to? So that you can have a specific one instead of it getting lost in the mess of other emails?